Thursday, August 16, 2012

Outbreak Manila presents Outbreak BGC: Run for your Life...

The last time I joined a fun run was 2 years ago- Run for the Pasig River but because of the jam-packed crowd it turned out to be an alay lakad with my good boss Ms. Maru.

with Ms Maru at the Run for the Pasig River, Oct 10, 2010
This year, Mike invited mo to run once again. But this particular run is not your ordinary 'fun' run... it's a ZOMBIE RUN!

Here are the Mechanics:
  • Before the race we are given a belt with 3 flags attached to it. The flags represents our life/health. At the end of the race we should have at least one flag to be able to win a prize
  • During the race, zombies will be scattered across the course and will try to get our flags (one flag per zombie). Physical contact with the zombie in any way is not permitted or else we will be considered out of the game.
  • There are also man made obstacles through out the course.
course map
I was hesitant at first because aside from the idea of zombies chasing after me, I have a major taping the day before but nonetheless I was up for the challenge. Mike paid P1,600 for the two of us & we chose the 9:30 pm wave (you can choose from 6pm- 12mn wave schedule).

wave number 22
As expected, I wasn't at all feeling 100% ok to run, Mike told me that if it starts raining then we won't push it or I might get sick. Pero we still went there (sayang naman kasi ang P1,600)

T-shirt design by my brother Tom Estrera III
We were at Bonifacio Global City two hours earlier from our scheduled run so while waiting for our wave schedule...

strolling at the base camp
There are also other activities/gimmicks like photo booths, free pizza from Greenwich & Women's & Men's Health Magazines giveaways (thanks to the manong who reserved 4 magazines for us while we're waiting for our wave)

Runners from earlier wave
Run for you life!
Pictures with zombies!!!

Then at around 9:00 pm, it poured hard and never stopped even until our scheduled run :( so we decided not to run anymore, we just got our goody bags then go straight to the parking lot. We don't want to risk and suffer the consequences. Thank you Mike for understanding :) let's join another fun run when it's not raining.

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