Friday, August 24, 2012

BEST experience ever!!!

Ever since the discovery of the growing hype of Butandings (local name for whale shark) in Oslob, my curiosity & eagerness of seeing the gentle giants grows as well. 

Thank God for long weekends! :) Since the Butandings were always in Oslob (not unlike in Donsol where the Butandings go there during a certain season) my officemates & I decided to go & swim with the whalesharks :)

We left the hotel at around 4:30 am and took a cab going to the South Bus Terminal. Then we rode a Ceres Bus going to Tan-awan, Oslob for P155. There were scheduled departure time in the terminal which was every 30 minutes. The bus left the terminal at 5:03 am. (Note: You have to tell the conductor to drop you off at the whale shark watching resort as it is not their final stop) Nakatulog kasi kami at bigla biglang sumigaw si kuya 'Butanding butanding', buti nalang nagising yung kasama ko kundi nakalagpas na kami. We arrived there at 7:30 am (2 1/2 hrs travel time- Not bad!) 

The best time to visit the Butandings is from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm since this is their feeding time.

drop off point

I thought that we have to trek or ride a tricycle pa but no, it is just right in front of the road! :)

They say that the whale watching resorts are color coded, the color blue is the nearest & most crowded. Luckily, when we went there walang pila, hindi na rin kami nag try pa sa iba kasi dito na kami binaba agad ng bus. 

We were asked to change & leave all our belongings in their locker. 

changing room & locker
Here are the corresponding fees we paid for:

Entrance fee: P50
Whale watching only: P300
Whale watching & swimming: P500 (it comes with a goggles & snorkel)
If you don't have an underwater camera the resort has for rent
Underwater camera rental: P400
My underwater camera wasn't functioning kaya I was forced to rent one even if it's quite expensive. But while we're at the ocean na, we discovered that it's low bat pala! So narefund naman namin yung P400.


Had a quick orientation

 Basically here are the rules when swimming with the butandings:

  • No feeding of whalesharks (only the feeders are allowed to do so)
  • Not touching of whale sharks in any form. Violators when caught will be fined P2,500.00 
  • Swimmers must be 3m away from the whale shark
  • No applying of sunblock
  • Underwater cameras are allowed but with no flash
  • Visitors have 30 minute time limit only

Off to see the Butandings...

Whale Sharks!!! :)

All geared up!

Butanding at the back...

I didn't know they were this BIG!!! We saw a total of 4 butanding during our swim! :)

While being fed

There's a better chance of seeing the butanding here in Oslob rather than in Donsol.
big mouth!!! woaaah!!! :)

Every morning fishermen feed them krill as if it's their pet thus whale sharks become dependent on them  (I'm not sure if this is a good thing though) 
While eating krill

But nonetheless we had the time of our lives :)
Ron :)

Mike :)
Me! :)

We experienced all the 4 butanding gathered around the three of us! It was just AMAZING! But unfortunately the camera went off na so no picture :(

Even so, we had the best 30 minutes of our lives!!! :)

Ron's pogi shot! Naks!

If you plan to stay overnight contact Reneboy Servilla of Aaron Beach Resort.:
mobile number: 0933-4159460, 09225159920
email address: aaronbeachresort@yahoo.com  

Souvenirs for sale at the resort...
P 50 each for the ref magnets (I bought 2)

Going back at the city, this time we travelled for 3 hours, it took longer because of the stops. We arrived at the city at 1:00pm in time for lunch :)

3 hour bus ride :)
Although the whale shark watching in Oslob are covered with issues & controversies, I will definitely go back here with my siblings! For sure they will enjoy it too :)

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  1. traveled for 3 hours for only 30 minutes #WORTHIT

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  3. can't wait for our experience. thanks for sharing!❤

    1. Yay! It's an awesome experience! :) excited to read your adventure :)

  4. I'm proud to be Oslobanon. Actually, the Butandings are in our barangay. Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu.

    1. Wow! You should be blessed to have the opportunity to see the butandings everyday! :) I would like to go back in your town soon! :)

  5. Wow! This is great! It's a good thing that you've experienced the whale sharks.


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