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Friday, August 31, 2012

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia which is formerly based in Mainland China until however political liberalization began in 1970s, Taiwan has transformed itself into a democratic country thus it became the Republic of China.

Friendship's Me, Joycen & Chatt
It has been in my to-go-to list ever since my college best buddy worked here. Joycen & her family are one of those Filipino-Chinese communities who are based in Taipei.

So via Cebu Pacific Air's promo ticket, me & Chatt, another college friend decided to spend 3 days in Taipei. 

When traveling to Taiwan, one should remember the following:

1. If you're a Filipino, you have to secure a Taiwan Visa. I got mine from a trusted travel agency - jerontravel.com. There is a corresponding fee, documents are quite a few but no appearance needed. (Note: Taiwan Visa is different from China Visa)

My Taiwan Visa

2. Travel time from Manila to Taipei is approximately 1 hr & 30 minutes, no time difference.

inside Cebu Pacific plane
3.  Weather in Taiwan is highly considered when traveling. We went there on the month of March, Joycen told me it's spring so it's not that cold but when we arrived there it was freezing!!! I'm not used to 11 degrees Celsius weather! So best to know what weather condition it is there because weather can go crazy hot or freezing cold :)  

Taiwan's climate is subtropical, in general the best time to go is from September- November, autumn tends to be warm & dry. March-May, spring is a bit risky. June-August, summer is also a great time to travel but beware of typhoons which hit the island from June-October.

4. Language used by Taiwan locals are mostly Mandarin Chinese followed by Taiwanese Hokkien. Only few of the locals speak & understand English so most of the time we rely on hand signals. Just don't forget to bring with you a map so you can point where you want to go to when asking.

*reviewing our map :)
5. Most common mode of transportation is their train or what they call Metro. It's cheap, easy, accessible and stations are close to their famous tourists spots.

ticketing machine
coin-shaped ticket :)

Their VERY clean stations
6. Taiwan's currency is Taiwan dollar. NT$ 1 : Php 1.41

Now that you read this post, check out Taipei's tourists attractions

*Chatt's camera

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