Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm not really a fan of concerts but this particular concert I can't resist especially since it's for FREE!!!

Fan girl naman talaga ako of Snow Patrol because I love Chasing Cars! I want it to be my theme song on my wedding day (If ever that day comes) :p

One day Mike & I had this conversation:
Mike: Do you want to watch Snow Patrol's concert? 
Me: Magkano ba yun? 
Mike: Good seats cost 3,000+ each
Me: Gusto ko sana kaso wala sa budget natin yun :( (kuripot lang :p)

So we decided not to push thru. Then the week after that my younger sister Gin told me that because of her upcoming birthday her special someone -Erich will treat us to 6 SP tickets for Me, Mike, Kuya, Ate Angge, Gin & Erich. Super swerte lang talaga!!! So I had this conclusion- ERICH is RICH :p 

Our free reserved seating tickets
We haven't met Erich kaya natuwa ako kay Erich, because he is making an extra effort to reach out to us. He purposely bought the tickets for us so we can finally get to know & meet him :)

While waiting for the concert to start...
ChaMike with the birthday girl
l-r: Gin, Erich, Kuya, Ate Angge

Here they goooooo! 
Oh Gary! <3

If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me & just forget the world <3
Nice LED displays

Gin & Erich's fave song, it's also their encore!!! Wooohooo!!!!
Just say YES!!!
They sang almost all their hit songs except for Signal Fire (fail!). But at least Chasing Cars was one of the playlist! I DIED!!!

Snow Patrol was amaaaazzzzing!!! :) Truly a fun night! The crowd was happy & raving on every song! Though it was a devastating week for the Pinoys because of Habagat, Snow Patrol didn't disappoint, they even showed empathy thru some of their songs. Thank you Snow Patrol for the visit!!!

GinRich or Erin?

So again I really like to thank Erich for the once in a lifetime opportunity, It was so nice of you :) Thanks to Gin too! You can bring along any of your close friends but you chose our company :p

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