Saturday, August 04, 2012

Aubergine (aw-ber-jeen) means eggplant in French. Aubergine Restaurant serves French continental cuisine and is the best French restaurant in the metro, take note: THE BEST.

I read Aubergine Restaurant in a magazine article years ago (no #ChaMike yet). I said to myself, I want to dine there with someone special.

Cham's wish is Mike's command! :) a surprise treat from Mike, I couldn't believe it not until we're inside the restaurant, gasping I got my camera to immediately take pictures but stupid me I forgot to bring my memory card! So I'm really sorry that the photos posted here are from my camera phone lang :(

The place is smaller than what I've imagined. I guess because they want to give all their guests special intimate treatments like what they did to us. 

They are already expecting us when we arrived and gave us really good seats. After ordering, they offered different french breads (they're complimentary & unlimited). All breads are freshly baked but what we love the most is their potato bread

Here are what we ordered...

Blueberry shake for moi

Strawberry shake for Mike

Potato gratin for starters

For the main entree- Trio of seared duck foie gras, braised veal cheek and pan and grilled US Angus beef tenderloin. It's my first time to eat duck foie gras and it's délicieux!

Satisfied costumers :) But not yet...

I fell in love with this! Surprise again from Mike & Aubergine, my heart melted while the chocolate melted inside my mouth, it's just divine! 

Chocolate Mousse Pyramid

When Mike called to reserve, he mentioned that it's our monthsary and he wanted it to be extra special, so they offered Mike a surprise personalized dessert.

We left the place with an enthralling gastronomical experience & now I know why this is rated to be the best fine dining restaurant. It is definitely an enchanting date. <3

For reservations, e-mail the restaurant at or call
[63] 02 856 9888
[63] 917-557-1675 | [63] 949-641-9468

1. Parking below 32nd and Fifth building behind HSBC
2. Open parking space across Bridgestone Tires building

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