You Know You're in VIETNAM if...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

1. There are more motorcycles than cars on the road. 
So be extra careful while walking and crossing the streets. Tourist can also rent motorcycles to go around the city. No need for a driver's license as long as you have your passport with you. 
Tip: If you are planning to rent a motorcycle, ask your hotel reception or travel agency about it. Don't rely on street peddlers as they are most likely to scam you.

2. You see locals (mostly vendors) wear round pointed hats. 
Hats can also be bought at local markets & souvenir shops.

At a souvenir shop in Saigon Post Office

Buko juice for sale

Mama buying local waffle
3. You see a lot of Pho restaurants around the city. 
Pho means Vietnamese noodle soup. It's main ingredients are beef or chicken strips, bean sprout, cilantro and basil leaves. 

Pho 24 Restaurant
Pho Restaurant
Pair it with Vietnamese spring rolls to have a complete Vietnamese meal experience!

4.  Iced coffee are sold almost everywhere! 
Cafe Sua Da or Phe Sua Da- Vietnamese Coffee. The unique thing about their coffee is their Vietnamese coffee filter press. If you're in Vietnam don't miss drinking coffee at street stalls or coffee shops.

1. Filtering of coffee 2. Stirring the filtered coffee with hot water 
3. Transferring the mixed coffee to an iced glass 4. Adding condensed milk. Enjoy!

Coffee shop along the street
5. Baguettes are sold in bakeries & street stalls.
Because of the influence of French colonists, baguettes became a staple bread in Vietnam. 

Our hotel breakfast always comes with a serving of baguette

6. The name NGUYEN are used as street names, name of establishments & product names.
Nguyen is the most common Vietnamese family name.  Even the great Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Minh was born Nguyen Sinh Cung and was not known as Ho Chi Minh until late in his career.

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