Wonders of PUERTO PRINCESA- Underground River

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Underground River or Subterrenean River is Puerto Princesa's major tourist spot. It is included in the Unesco World Heritage SiteNew 7 Wonders of Nature so people go to Puerto Princesa mainly for this reason. So if you're planning to tour here you have to book beforehand. 

at the mouth of the underground river
We booked ours via our hotel, Hibiscus Garden Inn. One should accomplish a permit before going to the Underground River. Note: Permits are limited so be sure to book the tour ahead of time (I recommend you to book weeks before especially during summer). 

The tour cost P1,500 per person which includes- Air conditioned van, licensed tour guide, permits, entrance fees & buffet lunch

Travel time was 2 hours, so we stopped over for several times...
Stopover 1- Buko juice for sale

Stopover 2- Tres Marias Hills

Stopover 3- Tres Marias in front of the beautiful limestone formation

The ride was long & bumpy so be sure to take an anti-byahilo meds or you'll might end up barfing.

Sabang port on our way to the Underground River

Alas! We're here!


all geared-up
Patch & Hancel

The tour is 45 minutes long accompanied by a licensed tour guide.

ready to go!

It features limestone karst mountain landscape.

mouth of the cave

Inside the Underground River you'll see a major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. 

Imaginations running wild inside the Underground River.

woman's side view
melting candle

puso ng saging

Sharon 'Stone'
Jesus Christ

You'll see a number of bats when you look up. According to the guide when you see or feel droplets from the top, it's either those are natural minerals or bat poops! (eeeep!)

upside down bats

After the tour, lunch time na!

Patch at the buffet
Hungry Hancel!

l-r: Patch, Hancel, Mike, Me, Hanah & Ms. Maya
Definitely a wonderful experience! Perfect time to go here is during summer. If the winds are heavy, the coast guard cancels tours inside the Underground River.

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