Wonders of PUERTO PRINCESA- Kinabuchs

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I was really looking forward of going here at Kinabuchs for their famous tamilok (It was featured when the PBB Teens Plus went to Puerto Princesa & when Bizarre Food's Andrew Zimmern ate this when he featured the Philippines for the show)

went to Kinabuchs by riding here

l-r: Patch, Hanah, Hancel, Mike & me

Before ordering tamilok, we ordered a few entrees for dinner
sizzling chicken

grilled squid
crispy pata

buttered shrimp

Save the best for last! Tamilok is a wood worm found inside the bark of mangrove trees. Locals eat this as pulutan, best paired with beer!
kinilaw na tamilok

 Here I am having a Fear Factor experience!

Hancel's turn

Like eating pasta!

Go Babe!

Eating like a pro, Hanah!

Not bad at all, it tastes like oysters. Never leave Puerto Princesa without trying tamilok! :)

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