Surfviving in BALER

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baler was not exactly on my 'Places-to-go-to' list but because of my good friend Yee, I couldn't pass out a Baler trip especially since her friend Vian was joining us, plus they were kind enough to allow me to tag along my sister, Gin on our BIG BALER ROAD TRIP! :)

Long drive to Baler, Aurora
on our way to Baler
Mountains of Sierra Madre
Mountains of Sierra Madre

BALER at last! 
Travelled for 13 hours that's supposedly 7 hours lang! (Note to self: if you are going on a road trip during Holy Week, expect SUPER GADUPER HEAVY TRAFFIC!)

I wasn't excited at all when I saw the overcrowded beach & the mediocre room. I thought that this, by far will be the most unexciting trips I'd have. But fortunately, I'm wrong...

black sand & lots of surfboard

We arrived at daybreak so there's nothing much to do but to have a few drinks at Bahia de Baler. A live reggae band played at night so it's nice to hang out here.

(l-r: Gin, Me, Yee, Vian)
hanging out at Bahia de Baler

Gin & I had midnight dinner at Bay's Inn just along Bahia de Baler.

The next day, we had breakfast at Cafe Rosa

my brekky-bangusilog
Tourist go here to SURF! So even if it's not exactly on my bucket list (never tried surfing & never planned on doing it!) I just couldn't  resist the adventure.

So here I am having a quick surfing lesson before riding on the waves! :p Surfing with instructor costs P350 per hour. If you are a beginner, it's good to have an instructor with you.

with surfing instructor, Yan-Yan

Surfer Babes

Gin's up for it!

Nice one!

My turn!

I was really proud of myself for getting up because I never thought I can survive! :) 

So I'm addicted! 

Surf's Up!

After our wave-trotting adventure. Had lunch at Bay-ler View, we have to eat plenty for our town day trip.

lunch at Bay-ler View

We trekked up Ditumabo Falls...

going down

Then had an ethereal experience inside a Balete tree. It is said to be the oldest Balete tree in Asia.
the 60+ year old Balete tree
playing monkeys
inside the tree

To cap off our last night in Baler, #puchupuchu girls went out for a drink at Bay's Inn 
wearing our curly locks.

The next day, I tried surfing once more together with Yee. 

surfing day 2

surfing day 2

Baler wasn't bad at all. I can honestly say that this was one of the fun-est trips I've had! Thank you #puchupuchu girls! Thank you Baler!

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